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Healthy Kitchen Design

In a recent report published by Houzz, the world’s largest home design and renovation platform, more than a third of homeowners report leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation.

The report explored how UK homeowners believed their lifestyle had changed as a result of a kitchen project.

43% cooked more meals at home, 36% ordered less takeout and 23% ate more fruit and vegetables.

If you are planning a kitchen project, here are KCA’s top 5 tips for incorporating healthy choices into your kitchen design.

Tip 1. Choose a steam oven

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook food as it can contain more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than other cooking methods. 

We recommend a steam oven by Miele to gently envelope your food in hot steam when preparing healthy meals. For example, Broccoli from a Miele steam oven contains 50% more vitamin C than boiled broccoli.

The immediate exchange of heat ensures rapid cooking without the need for heating-up time. The food is not immersed in water and so retains flavour and vitamins, reducing the loss of nutrients. A steam oven with its gentle cooking method is particularly suitable for delicate foods such as tender vegetables and fish, but also for meat and potatoes.

Tip 2. Incorporate living features

Growing your own herbs will not only encourage you to get creative with your meal choices, they also make a fantastic feature within your kitchen design.

Most herbs are easy to grow and require low maintenance so are ideal for a busy family. 

Mint, Rosemary and Thyme have many health benefits and add an incredible depth of flavours to many home cooked meals.

Tip 3. Install a boiling water tap

A cup of tea can help with sweet cravings and herbal teas count towards your recommended water intake.

A Quooker Flex Tap gives you instant access to three temperatures of water without the need to fill and wait for a kettle to boil.

Quick morning detox tea
• Slice of lemon
• ½ inch of ginger
• Boiling water
• 1tsp of honey (optional)

Tip 4. Keep produce fresh

The fresher your produce, the more nutrients and health benefits it contains and the way you store your produce could help it stay fresher for longer.

With the Perfect Fresh refrigerator by Miele, Food stays fresh up to five times longer. In the automatically controlled temperature range between 0 °C and +3 °C, meat, fish and many types of dairy products remain fresh for up to three times longer. Fruit and vegetables retain their freshness for up to five times longer, thanks to optimised humidity controls.

Tip 5. Customise storage space

Having dedicated space for fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks will make it easier to access healthy options.

This bespoke Larder Pantry by Davonport Furniture is completely customisable depending on your needs. Many of our clients have also chosen to personalise storage for individual family members.  

We recommend you allocate a little space for treats too!

According to the report published by Houzz, more than a third of homeowners report leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation, from eating more fruits and vegetables to preparing more meals at home.