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A 5 minute Q&A with Davonport

Davonport has been handcrafting kitchens of distinction for over two decades.

Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship, Davonport designs and manufactures unique and creative handmade kitchen solutions to fit perfectly around you and your lifestyle.

Inspired by the heritage of English furniture, Davonport’s classic collection embody the elegance and character of traditional design brought up to date.

In this feature, we asked Richard Davonport about the benefits of investing in bespoke furniture and which styles and features he believes to be truly timeless.

How did Davonport begin?

“I’ve had a strong interest in woodwork and furniture ever since I was a child so as a teenager I went to college to study Furniture Design and Cabinet Making.

I qualified with a Distinction and set up my own workshop in the early nineties; Davonport was borne. My focus has always been on creating bespoke furniture and as my origins are in cabinet making and furniture design, it’s always been important to me that Davonport furniture is of the highest quality; an unapologetically luxurious product.”

All Davonport kitchens are handmade to order in England. Why is this such a core part of the Davonport ethos?

“Because I started Davonport as a cabinet maker, and still enjoy getting back into the workshops whenever I can, it’s really important to me that every Davonport kitchen is made with the same level of quality as they were 25 years ago when I started.

For me, the only way to ensure this is by hand-crafting each and every kitchen locally. The Davonport workshops are under the same roof as our showroom and head office in Colchester, Essex so I’m able to oversee the creation of each and every kitchen.

I’m very proud of the Davonport workshops, in fact one of the best parts of my job is showing clients around the factory and walking them through the process step by step. Davonport was awarded the ‘British Design & Manufacturing Award’ in 2017 and this is one of my proudest professional achievements. At heart I’m a cabinet maker, so for Davonport to be recognised for the quality and creation of our furniture is incredibly humbling and rewarding.”

What are the benefits of investing in a bespoke kitchen?

“Possibilities! Bespoke furniture enables you maximum flexibility with cabinet size and configuration. What this means in practical terms is that you can make much more of the space you have, and optimise the storage in a much more effective way.

For example, a recent client had longed for an island in her period property but having visited off the peg kitchen companies, was told her room dimensions wouldn’t allow for a kitchen island. However, because we were able to build cabinets around the nibs on the wall, we were able to create the space needed for her much loved kitchen island.” 

You’ve been making classic kitchens for over two decades, which features and styles do you believe are truly timeless?

“Kitchen trends come and go and I’ve seen plenty of them over the years. However, the much sought after shaker style kitchen is truly timeless.

A shaker style kitchen has such a classic core that it’s easy to transcend different trends. Often, its the colour and handle choices that can date a kitchen, but with a hand painted kitchen the room can be totally updated with a fresh coat of paint and set of new handles.

As for specific features; the pantry has most certainly seen a resurgence.

They’re such a versatile piece of kitchen furniture and open to complete personalisation so they feature in the majority of our projects.”

What piece of advice would you give someone embarking upon a kitchen project?

“Don’t get caught up with the finishing touches. The most important part of a kitchen design is getting the basic cupboards and cabinetry in place. Once you and your designer have finalised the core structure of the room, layout and storage options, move on to the finer details such as handles and colour choices. Sometimes clients get so hung up on the colour, tiles, handles etc. that they rush the decisions on the structure of the design.”

What makes the partnership between KCA and Davonport special?

“We are proud to have worked with KCA for over a decade and I’m always impressed by their knowledge and skill for bespoke kitchen design.

We pride ourselves on creating kitchens of exceptional quality and work only with like-minded companies who share our passion. KCA are undoubtedly one such company with their design, service and project management well-respected throughout the industry. 

We both feel there’s no better moment than standing in an amazing finished kitchen with happy clients, that together we crafted for the family to enjoy for many years to come.”

With Davonport, KCA creates bespoke kitchens of exceptional quality, handcrafted to suit the individual requirements and wishes of each client. For more information about Davonport kitchens, contact the KCA design team.